Hi there!

Pleased to meet you.

My name’s Kevin. I’m an autodidact software engineer, speaker and blogger. I’m CTO with the talented team at Resource Guru where we build the best team scheduling tool on the web :). I currently live in London, UK, having previously worked as a Lead Ruby and JavaScript developer at Platform45 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

I prefer working with open-source software. My development environment is Ubuntu Linux with VSCode (although you’ll have to crowbar my vim bindings from my cold, dead hands). My preferred hammers are Go and JavaScript.

I’ve been writing software for as long as I can remember, first on my dad’s Commodore 64 before learning QBASIC on DOS, followed by Pascal, Delphi, C and PHP during primary and high school years. Since then I’ve spent countless hours honing my craft and becoming disciplined in software development.

I believe a good craftsman should be willing to teach and mentor others. I regularly attend and speak at usergroup events and conferences. I was a regular panelist on the ZADevChat podcast from 2015-2017 with Kenneth Kalmer, Len Weincier and Chantal Yang.

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If you’ve got a question or comment, drop me a line on Twitter!