Porting the MVC Music Store to NHibernate 3

The best way I’ve found to learn about a new technology is to write about it, this forces me to think more as a teacher than as a student, which in turn frees me to think about different aspects about the technology I wouldn’t otherwise be bothered about.

The ASP.NET MVC project has been going very well in the last couple of years. Along with the version 2 release, the team released the MVC Music Store sample.

Out of interest a while ago I downloaded the code to start learning more about ASP.NET MVC. Now I’m coupling that with my interest in NHibernate 3 to see what it would take to port the code from ADO.NET EF4 to NHibernate.

As I go I’ll be committing to my repo on GitHub @ http://github.com/kmckelvin/NH3-MusicStore

So once the original v0.8 code is up, off I go :)